Sleepless In Soweto

by Asheru

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    Released on Tuesday November 12th, 2013

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Emcee, Artist, Educator, Youth Activist, and Pan-Africanist, are just some of the titles that describe the work of Asheru. After launching his career with the group Unspoken Heard in Hip-Hop’s golden age of the 1990’s, Asheru has continued as a solo artist for the past decade. While he has collaborated and recorded with the likes of Talib Kweli, Pete Rock and DJ Jazzy Jeff, he is best known for writing and performing The Boondocks TV show theme song.

Asheru has spent the last few years working closely with South African artists such as HHP (Hip-Hop Pantsula) and has performed and toured there regularly. Sleepless In Soweto is the culmination of years of work in South Africa and its hip hop community. The time spent in South Africa shows, not just on the track title, but also with the incorporation of live instrumentation hip hop, African house and afrobeat tracks featured on the album. Collaborating artists such as HHP also rap in South African languages like Zulu and Setswana. With the goal of highlighting the unique bond between African-Americans and Africans through hip hop music and culture, the result is a modern Pan-African hip-hop album filled with thoughtful lyrics, skillful delivery, and raw musicality.

The track Gauteng, which means “Land of Gold”, is dedicated to Johannesburg and features 2x Grammy nominated recording artist Raheem DeVaughn on additional vocals. Gauteng is the home province of Johannesburg, and the chorus reflects the people, the culture, and the love Asheru has received not only in Jo'burg, but all over SA as being "worth more gold". The opening track is Simphiwe's Theme, a Zulu name given to Asheru, which means “it/he is given to us.” Another Grammy nominee, the Ethiopian-born singer Wayna, can be heard on No Matter Where You Go, a track detailing the history and progress of African-Americans, and all of the work left undone. The album artwork was painted by acclaimed Nigerian-born visual artist, Aniekan Udofia.

Asheru is available for interviews and features. Media files, artwork, photos, and music provided upon request. Asheru will be touring in support of this album and has these key shows planned:

Saturday October 26th – Kennedy Center’s Millenium Stage – Washington, DC
Wednesday November 13th – Album Release Party at Tropicalia – Washington, DC
Saturday December 21st – Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Homeboy Sandman – Washington, DC


released November 12, 2013

Sleepless in Soweto LP by Asheru
Release Date: 11/12/13
Released Worldwide on Tuesday November 12th, 2013
Guerilla Arts Ink



all rights reserved


Asheru Washington, D.C.

Peabody Award winning Hip Hop artist, veteran educator, and founder of Guerilla Arts Ink, an arts education organization specializing in bringing high quality arts and cultural programming to low income communities.

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Track Name: Clay Davis
[Verse 1]

A beautiful mind
One of a kind being
King Ash, baby boy of the All eye seeing
And all I’m seeing
Is a future so bright
You gon' ask Teddy Pendergrass to turn off the light
I am the general
Soldiers know my position
Quiet leadership style, when I speak it’s non-fiction
Listen more than I talk
& tell less than I know
Cuz game is to be sold not told
That’s how I go
Its called Guerilla Arts for the tactic
Not the animal
"by any means necessary'
Written on the manual
Rough you off and and ride on through just like Hannibal
And elephant stomp the shit outta you
And ya mans if you
Take it for a joke/get yolked
Egg on your face
Niggas going for broke with each quote
No second place
For anybody still asking if Ash can spit
Hit ‘em with the Clay Davis like sheeeeeeeeiiiiittttt


What you talking bout?
Man, Get on Your Head!
You should never ever doubt
One Man, $100 and a One track mind...
Man, Get on Your Head!
For anybody still asking if Ash can spit
Hit ‘em with the Clay Davis like sheeeeeeeeiiiiittttt

[Verse 2]

You know its funky funky funky cuz you heard it from hear say
A jam that you love that don’t be getting no airplay
As for my competition they ain’t playing the fair way
Thinking they’ll catch me slipping, shit that’s on a rare day
This is that boom bap for getting bent in the stairway
To play where the real lions in the lair lay
$200 from the door guess it wasn’t their day
Too many in your crew and yall gotta share pay
Ash vision is bigger
No frame for this picture
I use my signature to stamp me as the victor
The champ, the head nigga in charge
MC at large
My constituents got all this love
Like a Debarge
Now that must be good for something
You saying nothing
Like the good book say
There ain't no future in your frontin
Word to MC Breed
Do Ash give you what you need?
Hit em with the Clay Davis like sheeeeeeeeeiit


[Verse 3]

If there’s one thing you should know bout me
I exercise my unlimited potential
So when I run them streets & shout BMIG
I don’t only mean over these instrumentals
You talking to an entrepreneur on 1 million
"New Ventures" is my middle name
I bring Hip Hop to the schools, the juvie or public housing
To give them youngins a little game
Cuz out here, them people playing chess not checkers
Be careful how you move around the board
Have you thinking you a King when you only just a pawn
Go to battle and die by the sword
My OG sat me down and gave me a jewel
To this day I never will forget
He said for every 1 winner
There has to be 10 losers
Which one are you? Me?
I said sheeeeeiiiiitttt

[Hook x2]

Man, Get on Your Head!
"He said for every 1 winner
There has to be 10 losers
Which one are you?"
"I said sheeeeeiiiiitttt"
Track Name: Last Days (ft. HHP, Kingpen Slim, & Kanjia)
[VerseAnnotate 1: Asheru]

As we move closer to the end
Many men pretend to know when
Armageddon begins
Warfare and terrorism
Military slaughter
Famine, disease, lack of clean drinking water
Earthquakes, hurricanes, strange weather patterns
Man-made disasters
Past or hereafter
All trying to capture
The coming of the rapture
But really, who's prepared
Who's scared?
Who's unaware of what awaits
As we enter the gates
2010 black men still
Enemy of the state
And it's a state of emergency
Code red
Get on your deen with all urgency
Go head_
And push harder go farther
Spread wide and leave a legacy
The hope is that tomorrow brings a
Better you/ better me
Man it better be
Hope my loving ain't in vain
Bad enough these politicians
Got the whole world going insane

This day might be the last day
The last day, might be this day

[Hip Hop Pantsula]
We're living in that last world order
That ice age bowl bout to be flooded by water
That Wande Coal bumper to bumper disorder
That Ghandi sole we walk in cannot afford to be taken for granted...
Otherwise we'll be abandoned
We don't want a better life
We demand it!
When it comes to reading dibuka
You can't thet'
But when it come to making lebotha you count it
How Did?! You cannot Pantit
You cannot live in a Khuti like Sadaam did
You chant one thing
Kamo o chuna annè ding
You want one thing
Kamo o dula mo lapeng
O dilwe Keng?
Get on your feet again
This end is only the beginning monna breath again
Be the better brother
And plant the seed again
With your knowledge I swear
You're gonna win. You'll be insane...

This day might be the last day (Cuts)
The last day, might be this day (Cuts)
In these last days
Who is awake?
In these last days
Got no time to waste
In these last days
Don’t be afraid
In these last days we will find our way…

[Verse 2: Kingpen Slim]
It’s hard feeling like a winner
When summer’s feeling like winter
Winter is feeling like summer
It’s the eye of the storm
Of the weather that I’m feeling right under
People got AIDS, still look healthy
People with low credit scores still look wealthy
Politicians switch they pitch
When they win elections
Try to overthrow oppression threw an interception –
Won’t nobody stand up
Grown men dressed like girls won’t nobody man up
Guess it’s hard being broke tryna pay attention
So most people miss the message in the things they mention
Watch for the sign saying “Yield”
Slowing down tryna level out the playing field
As the days grow, hearts grow colder
Soon we just might see hell froze over –
Last Dayz